My name is Anton Krutov. I am 25 years old and live in Malmö, Sweden. For the last three years I have ran my own business as a solo- saxophonist and play over a hundred live- performances a year within Sweden as well as abroad.

It was in High school, when attending the music program, that my journey as a jazz musician started. After graduation I continued my studies at Santa Monica College in Los Angeles to further develop my knowledge and skills as a saxophone player. Well back in Sweden, eager to learn more, I spent the upcoming two years at Fridhems College of Music, where I graduated within the department of jazz- improvisation in 2017.

Apart from my passion of jazz, House music has always been a great interest and a style that has given me inspiration as a musician through the years. Today, my main focus is the genre of house and during my performances I cooperate with professional DJs. The majority of my performances are held at weddings, night- clubs and private events.

If you want to read more about my offers, click on this link.

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Photo: Niklas Andersen